We have covered much Reformation history with its sordid record of Roman Catholic suppression of the gospel, cruel persecution of the Lord’s people, and a fanatic and vicious clinging to the power and influence that properly belongs only to the true Head of the Church, our Lord Jesus Christ.

In this section we desire to cover the theology of Rome, which the Reformers rebelled against, preached against, and exposed from the only standard of truth, the Holy Scriptures.

The following books are available online to study Roman Catholic theology…

The Two Babylons – By Alexander Hislop

If much of Roman Catholic faith and practice is not Scriptural, what is its source? Hislop answers this by finding the roots of every unBiblical practice taught by Rome in the pagan religions of the ancient world. The pagan religion of ancient Babylon, which was the prototype for all the false religions of the ancient world, is to a considerable extent mimicked by Rome. Hence the title, The Two Babylons, ancient Babylon and modern Rome.

Roman Catholicism – By Lorraine Boettner

This book is the classic treatment of Roman Catholic doctrine examined and refuted in the light of Scripture. It is systematic and thorough, very readable, and powerfully convincing. What Hislop does with a historical perspective, Boettner does with a Biblical perspective. Together they are a powerful one-two punch against the soul destroying errors of Rome.