The Constitutional History of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.

By Charles Hodge

The following is comprised of Chapters IV and V of Charles Hodge’s, The Constitutional History of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America. This section covers the Great Awakening of 1740-1745, as well as the schism in the Presbyterian Church of 1741.

Table of Contents

Chapter I, Introduction to the History of the PCUSA

Beginnings and Nature of American Presbyterianism

Presbyterian Nature of Puritan Settlers in America

Chapter II, Constitutional Nature of PCUSA

Calvinist Nature of Founding Ministers of the PCUSA

Nature and Authority of the Church Courts in the Early PCUSA

Chapter III, Issues of Subscriptionism & Authority of Church Courts

The Adopting Act, Presbyterian Church from 1729 to 1741

Strict Ministerial Subscription Was Practiced

The History of the Church from 1729 until 1741

Chapter IV, The Great Revival of Religion, 1740-1745


The State of Religion Before the Revival

The History of the Revival

The Genuineness of the Revival

The State of Religion After the Revival

The Evils Attending the Revival

Chapter V, The Schism of 1741

New Brunswick Presbytery’s Disregard of Acts of Synod

Attacks on an “Unconverted Ministry.”

Itinerant Preaching in Violation of Ecclesiastical Order

The Synod of 1741

The Aftermath of the Schism of 1741