The Life of John Knox Containing Illustrations of the History of The Reformation In Scotland By Thomas M’Crie, D.D.

Presbyterian Board of Publication 1831

This subject of this book, John Knox, and the famed author, Thomas M’Crie need no introduction to any student of the Reformed faith. 

Like Farel, Knox had a tumultuous and eventful life as a preacher of righteousness and as the Reformer of his native Scotland. Knox was a rough and ready instrument in the hands of divine providence. I was not a time for meek men and timid souls and Knox, the fiery iconoclast, was the perfect instrument to destroy popery in Scotland. His commitment to the faith, his standard of Sola Scriptura, his indomitable spirit, the strength of his convictions, and his confrontational spirit were the necessary traits to confront the superstition, blasphemy and idolatry of Rome and extirpate it in Scotland.

This work constitutes exciting and inspirational reading and may the reader b blessed, encouraged, and stirred in his zeal, to read of those whom God accomplished his purposes many years ago.

The work consists of a Preface, Table of Contents and nine chapters and for the purposes of presenting it on this website has been divided into three sections.