By William Blackburn Presbyterian Board of Publication 1865

William Farel was the man God chose to be the reformer of the French speaking cantons of Switzerland. A man of intense courage, boldness, and fearlessness, he was known as the Elijah of the Alps. Wherever the gospel needed a defense and error needed a rebuke, Farel would go and without concern for life and limb would confront the enemies of the truth and comfort the saints in need of a shepherd. Like the Apostle Paul his life was frequently threatened, he was often beaten, sometimes left for dead, but never deterred from his divine calling to re4ach the word of God.

Farel was also the man that the Lord used to convict Calvin to forsake his preference for a quiet life of scholarly study and writing in defense of the Reformation. Convicted by Farel’s passionate appeals and threats of God’s displeasure if he failed to rise to the call of duty, Calvin agreed to stay in Geneva and lead the Reformation there. This began a lifelong association between these two men, so united in the truth, but so different in their makeup. In God’s providence Calvin was used of God to help Farel temper his fiery nature and be more gracious and patient, while Farel was a continuous inspiration to the more timid Calvin to courageously persevere in fighting the good fight of faith as he struggled to establish the Reformation in Geneva and in his own native France.

This is an inspiring account of the saga of a renowned servant of God that will profit all who read it, and give them an example of a life well lived in the service of and to the glory of God.

The book consists of 22 chapters which have been divided for ease of access into five sections, as listed below. Click on any of the listed sections to go there and read the respective chapters.