The History of the Great Protestant Reformation

The history of the Reformation is presented in a series of books that have been scanned into the website. These are classic books on the subject written by committed Calvinists who are telling this story not only with historic precision but with the passion of those who fervently believe the cause that they are memorializing. These are stirring histories that will not only educate and inform, but will kindle an enthusiasm to maintain and defend our legacy as Calvinists. In an age of political correctness and when Christianity is disastrously being though of as “being nice,” rather than a struggle for the truth, these histories are needed to give men backbone in the current struggles to defend the faith once delivered unto the saints.

The following books are initially being presented as we are providentially enabled to complete the work:

A History of the Huguenots

By W. Carlos Martyn

The Life and Times of John Huss

By Ezra H. Gillett

The Life of William Farel

By William Blackburn

The Life of John Knox

By Thomas M’Crie

The Reformation in England

By J. H. Merle d’Aubigné

The Life of Oliver Cromwell

By Samuel Harden Church

Theodore Beza, Counsellor of the French Reformation

By Henry Martyn Baird

The Rise of the Dutch Republic

By John Lothrop Motley