The American Presbyterian Press

This is the publishing ministry of the American Presbyterian Church and offers a selection of books, manuscripts, tracts, articles, and commentary on current events of interest to Presbyterians, adherents of the Reformed faith, and serious students of the word.

online sermon This site has a lot of sermons from worship services. Also a couple of audiobooks. Some of the preachers are Charles Butler, Calel Butler, and Allan Wagner

The Trinity Foundation The Trinity Foundation is in the forefront of exposing the heresies that are corrupting the professed conservative Presbyterian and Reformed churches in North America. They have published thus far four books that have refuted current errors in the justification by faith alone controversy. They publish a monthly newsletter that is free and available in either a printed or an electronic format. We are happy to recommend them and to commend their labors in defense of the historic Reformed faith.

The Covenanted Reformation Press This site has a lot of books and articles that are available online. It represents the publishing ministry of Rev. Brian Schwertley. The American Presbyterian Press has copublished Rev. Schwertley’s latest book, Exclusive Psalmody, A Biblical Defense.

Holyword Cafe This is a site that hosts the webpages of a number of Christian Organizations. However, they also have an excellent section devoted to issues of the Biblical text and its translation. They have a number of articles by Dr. Theodore Letis and even one by myself, as well as many others. This site is a good resource for some serious study of these crucial issues for the church of Jesus Christ.

The Institute for Renaissance and Reformation Biblical Studies This is the website of Dr. Theordore Letis’ organization. Dr. Letis is probably the leading contemporary scholar who is defending the traditional text of the Greek New Testament in a sea of textual criticism that has overwhelmed even the conservative Presbyterian and Reformed churches. (Note: Tragically, Dr. Letis died in automobile accident earlier this year and I do not know what the future of this website will be. LFD, APC Webmaster)(The original website no longer exists but Holyword Cafe has a section that includes what I think was most of its content.)

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