By Louis DeBoer

The Biblical way of Salvation is not just another book on the Calvinist-Arminian controversy. It represents a fresh approach to an old debate. It forsakes the traditional format of the five points of Calvinism that has dominated the controversy ever since the Synod of Dordt in the early seventeenth century. Instead, it presents the Calvinist position by arguing it systematically and thoroughly from the Scriptures. This is a more natural way to teach these important truths and more effective in its testimony to all who love the word of God and receive it as the authoritative standard of their faith and doctrine.

Calvinists will find their faith strengthened as well as their commitment to the truths that salvation is of the Lord, of the Lord alone, by grace alone, and through the merits of Christ alone. Arminians will find their faith challenged from the Scriptures as never before and will have to rethink many of their beliefs with respect to how God saves his people. In both camps may this book have fruit to the glory of God.

Download: God’s Great Salvation