By John E. Ashbrook

In the late 1940’s Harold Ockenga, the architct of the New Evangelicalism launched the movement that rejected the Biblical doctrine of separation from apostasy and from the world and replaced it one of acceptance and infiltration. John Ashbrook’s father, William Ashbrook published an expose of this unscriptural movement in a booklet called “The New Neutralism” (because it neutralized the church in its opposition to apostasy, unbelief, and worldliness). It went through numerous ever lengthening editions from the late 1950’s through the mid 1970’s. His son has written The New Neutralism II. This a better organized, more concise, and updated treatment of the subject. It is presented below. The following are the chapter titles. Just click on any one to bring up the text of the chapter.

  1. Why the New Neutralism

  2. Separatism, Acceptance, and the Social Gospel

  3. The NAE, the WEF, and Camels

  4. Fuller Seminary – Exhibit A

  5. Billy Graham – The Mouthpiece of the New Evangelicals

  6. Billy Graham’s Catholic Connection

  7. Mr. Revolutionary and Campus Crusade

  8. Intellectuals in Residence

  9. The Popularizers

  10. Explos and Extravaganzas

  11. Jerry Falwell and the Gnu Evangelicalism

  12. The Institutions

  13. Conclusion