Rev. Charles J. Butler

1090 Graham Blvd

Pittsburgh, Pa  15235-2720

Tel: 412-241-9239




Dr. Butler was born on June 17, 1942 in Baltimore, Maryland of Scotch-Irish extraction, with Presbyterian and Methodist roots. He attended Bob Jones University (BA in Bible 1963), Faith Theological Seminary (BD, 1966, and STM in Old Testament, 1972), and Temple University (MA in religion, 1974, and Ph.D., 1978)


He was baptized in the Presbyterian Church but raised in the Methodist Church. He joined the an independent Baptist Church, from which he separated over the Billy Graham controversies. He then joined the Bible Presbyterian Church in which he was ordained to the Gospel ministry. He was separated from the Bible Presbyterian Church by the illegal act of Synod dissolving the Philadelphia Presbytery in the schism of 1976, and subsequently joined the American Presbyterian Church


He has pastored several churches including the Northeast Bible Presbyterian Church, Reformation Bible Presbyterian Church, and the Coatesville Bible Presbyterian Church. He has taught at both Faith Theological Seminary, Elkins Park, PA, and at Reformation Seminary, Philadelphia, PA. Currently he is Associate Pastor, American Presbyterian Church of Bordentown, NJ, and also a Manager at AAA-Mid-Atlantic, Philadelphia, PA.


In 1965 Dr. Butler married to Gloria Sue Clark and the Lord has blessed them with 5 children. They are Nathanael Curtis Butler (Electrical Engineer), Abdi Danielle Butler Bertram, Lemuel Gordon Butler (US Department of Fish and Wildlife, Fairbanks, Alaska), Calel James Butler (Graduate of Westminster Seminary, class of2000, and minister in the American Presbyterian Church), and Joel Samuel Butler (Student at the Reformed Presbyterian Seminary in Pittsburg, PA.).