Calling defined: Where is God directing me?

In business, you would ask someone what his or her life mission is, but within the body of Christ, a calling is not defined by you, but by God.People tend to believe that a calling is defined by you.They tend to think that you can just go about fulfilling your calling anyway you would like to.God tends to be more specific than some desire him to be, and so people will often criticize you for fulfilling your calling because they believe you could do a better job if you followed their lead instead of Gods.The wisdom of following Gods lead is not found within the first few moments you follow him, but months or even years later when he opens your eyes to why he asked you to fulfill what he asked.This is the wisdom in obeying God.

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When first called you may go through many emotions.You may believe that you do not desire to fulfill the mission, that it might be too big or not the desire of your heart.As you walk within your calling by faith that God is bigger than you are, you tend to walk through many trials of faith as people will have their own feelings about your calling and choose to support you or not.Your obedience to God is simply measured by whether you are doing what he asked.Deviance from God is sin, so if called, you must walk the line if you wish to remain without sin.God has a faith within you if he calls you.It is a great symbol of his trust that you could complete a task for him on earth.It is a high honor.Many are called and few are chosen, so if you do not fulfill the call, God already has others who can.Consider that Noah was probably not the only man called to build an ark, but likely the only one to complete it.

As you go on with your calling, you will grow through many trials surrounding your continued effort towards fulfilling your calling, and understanding your calling.Isaiah spent his whole life understanding what God had spoken to him.When God speaks to you, his words are often meant to be ones of discovery that will unfold while you faithfully move forward walking in his direction and guidance.

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