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Week after week in churches all across the country we see many people come in, sit down, sing a few songs, listen to the message.. or at least sit through it, then leave. Even those that pay attention intently, taking notes, and gaining a further understanding of God could possibly be missing out on total fulfillment.

Many people "church hop" or go from church to church until they find one that fits their exact preferences, often times never settling on one church. How can you grow if you never take time to grow roots? I personally used to go to one specific church because I liked their worship team then I'd leave and go to another church to hear the sermon because I liked the pastors preaching. For a short period I felt like if I got the best of both, how could I not grow spiritually?

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I was essentially setting out to feed my personal desires rather seeking God's will. I wanted the best each church had to offer without the responsibilities of being a church member. I was gold digging God. I sought after what I perceived as best for myself.

In a church body each member is to serve a purpose. We often hear the church referred to as the "body of Christ". In a body every single part serves a purpose and contributes to the overall strength and purpose of the body besides maybe the gallbladder. Who wants to be known as the gallbladder of the body of Christ?

It's so easy to be consumed with priorities outside of church but if you take the time to settle down in one church and find anyway to contribute, you'll find you'll feel a greater sense of fulfillment and even a greater closeness to God. When we seek ways to be involved in the church, it's a form of service to him. It can be something as simple as greeting new faces or assist with set up and tear down for those not comfortable with speaking to new people. I have yet to visit a single church that will turn away help. If you aren't sure what you can do to help, ask your pastor and I'm sure they'll find you a place. I've seen far too many people get burned out on church from constantly having to carry the load. Many hands makes light work. Our involvement could also prevent someone else's burnout.

Attending church and constantly being filled without finding a way to contribute is gold digging God. Many people have a hard time settling in a church because of a variety of issues but if you changed your perspective and asked yourself, "how can I fix this problem or improve this area" rather than using it as an excuse to push you away, you could have just found the very reason why you we're brought to that church.

Take time to grow roots, get involved and you'll find the blessings of God are abundant in your life. Let's aspire to be a healthy, vibrant body of Christ that thrives with purpose rather than being gold digging church goers.

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