Gods Healing Power

In the middle of your busy daily routine, have you ever slowed down and taken a minute or two to think about your body? Yes, the very body we depend on all the time and yet always take for granted without realizing all the amazing work it performs on a day to day basis.

Just think about how the 50 trillion cells, 600 muscle, 206 bones and 78 organs in our body work so harmoniously and seamlessly together to provide oxygen and nutrition to support our daily functions. It is with such great precision, intelligence and elegance that our bodies work at all times (including this very moment I am typing these words) that we can breathe, talk, walk, think, dream, love, express ourselves and enjoy the beauty of life. Our body is the greatest invention of all because if it a master piece created by God.

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However, we usually give little thought to our own body. After all there are a thousand more important things to think about, such as jobs, bills and kids etc., right? Then one day, we get sick and that's when we started to realize how much we depend on our body for everything we do but it's not working as well as it used to any more. Confusion, fear, anger and helplessness are all common reactions. But none of them provide a solution. The cure lies within the wisdom and healing power that we are all born with.

Wisdom of Your Body

The modern technology is so great that we can send people to the moon and explore deep under the ocean. And yet we still cannot create a machine that is as intelligent as our own body, which is created by God. Do you think that God put so much thought and creativity in making us without a plan for maintenance down the road? Of course not! God had a plan and that is to bless our body with all the wisdom it needs to heal.

The cells in our body divide and subdivide at every second. Nutrition and minerals in food are broken down, transformed to usable state and transferred via blood system to where they are needed. Toxins and dead cells are pushed out of our system regularly through sweat, urine and excrement. White blood cells come to rescue whenever there is a wound or attack. Our body works hard nonstop and always strives to be at it's best condition. It constantly renews and repairs itself to the extent that approximately every three months, all the cells that make up our body will be completed changed. Its like we have a brand new body every three months. Imagine if you buy a car and it automatically repairs itself to get rid of any wear and tear and resume to the brand new condition every three months. How wonderful that would be!

However when we put too much on our body or when an accident happened that disrupted it's normal functions, the body can no longer handle it through it's normal repair process. Thats when it sends out alarm, which is usually felt by us as discomfort or pain. But in fact, our body is simply trying to protect us with the warning signals. Imagine you accidentally touched a hot stove. The burning pain you feel will automatically make you withdraw your hand to avoid further injury. If you did not feel any pain, then you wouldn't know what to do to protect yourself. In the meanwhile, pain is the special way in which our body communicates with us and directs us in the right direction to recovery. It helps us find out where and what is wrong and what we can do to help our body resume to it's optimal condition. So all we have to do is to listen to the wisdom of our body. Once we start listening and working with it, the body will start healing itself. No matter what your symptom is, do not get frustrated or angered by it. It is simply the voice of your body that will tell you when something is wrong and direct you on the right path to healing.

Mind Body Connection

When we have an illness, the symptom sends to our brain emotions like pain, frustration, worry and fear. These emotions create stress in our brain and through the nerve system that connects the brain to the rest of our body, the stress is fed right back to where the symptom is originated, which in turns causes more pain and stress. This is a vicious circle that will suck you right in and take a toll on you both physically and mentally.

To break this circle, the remedy is plainly to substitute thoughts of power, confidence, self-reliance and courage, for those of fear, lack, weakness and limitation. The easiest and most practical way to do this is to select a positive affirmation which seems to fit your particular case. The positive thought will destroy the negative as certainly as light destroys darkness. Once you break the bad circle, you will stop stressing yourself out and start making peace. And most of all, your body and external condition will certainly change to reflect the positive affirmation in your mind. Here is an affirmation I once read from a book and borrowed it for my own, I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious,grateful and happy. You can use this one or make one of your own with your most desired qualities. Repeat it to yourself constantly, not just in times when you feel good, but more importantly in tough times when your body and spirit are challenged by the condition. Just as with light we can fight darkness, with the positive affirmation we can fight the bad emotions caused by the illness. Repeat and reassure yourself so much that this affirmation is ingrained in your mind and becomes part of your own being, as natural as every breath you take. Once you reach this state, no illness can resist the powerful commandment of your mind.

As a Christian, I believe that this power of our mind comes from God because we all have a God within us. All we need to do is to learn how to unleash and use this power to our advantage. The positive affirmation method mentioned above works the same way as prayers. As Jesus said in Mark 11:24, "I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." Note that he said "believe that you have received it". To believe in health while being surrounded by illness takes a lot of faith and discipline. But with faith comes the power that enables you to achieve anything you desire in your life.

Take Responsibility for Your Own Health

One of the most common mistake people make when they have a condition is that they give their power away. They feel sorry for themselves and blame the person who caused the accident, the doctor that doesn't seem to be helping, the viruses or even bad luck for their misery. By doing this, they put themselves in the vulnerable position of a victim at the mercy of other people or things. And they feel they are too small and weak to do anything to help themselves. They see the doctor, go through the treatments and take the medication. But they are simply going through the motion passively feeling weak and powerless at the same time. I am not in any way against seeing a doctor. After all, doctors have great knowledge and skills gained through years of training and experience of treating people. They can definitely be very helpful in diagnosing the disease and advising the treatment.

However, no matter how knowledgeable a doctor is, you know your own body way better than any doctor or person in this world. Doctors and other experts can help you find the causes and educate you with the knowledge on the disease and treatment. But you have to take responsibility of your own health. Far from a powerless victim, you have all the power and wisdom within you to overcome any condition. You are the only person your body communicates to and conveys it's wisdom. And most importantly you are the only person who can summon the power and courage within you to fight an honorable battle and claim the glorious victory.

So do not waste your time anymore. From this very moment, start taking responsibility of your own health and declaring a good fight against any illness or condition that have been bothering you. Ask questions, research on your condition and equip yourself with information on what you can do to achieve better health (it could be diet, nutrition, exercises, medication, prayers, etc.). Be passionate about the simple fact that you are living and breathing and focus on the tunnel vision of what you truly want, which is perfect health, harmony and happiness. After all, no matter what you do, you are the one who ultimately lives with the consequence of your own health. And without good health, everything else you want to do is nothing but a lofty idea. For something this important, will you leave in other peoples hand?

Final words

However, I have to warn you up front that no victory is achieved without blood and tear. Moments of discouragement, doubt, anger and despair will come and the road to victory is full of thorns and ambushes. But do not worry. Just remember whenever you come to a bottleneck or setback, tell yourself this is the price you have to pay for victory, a test of your faith and will power, and an opportunity for you to grow stronger. Always think about the light even in the darkest of the night because the dark night is nothing but a precursor of the light and glory that will surely follow.

Finally, the good news is that, like people always say, if you do your part God will always hold his end of the deal. It never fails. You can be assured that it will not be a lonely journey. You will be provided with plenty of love, caring and support from families and friends to put you through your darkest nights. You will be connected with people who are suffering from similar conditions and find inspiration and courage in their experience. Experts with the exact knowledge and skill you need, will be brought into your life to help and guide you to healing. And most of all, God is always with you.

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