Make More Time for GOD!

I could cry for years over how much I have been is not a cakewalkbut so what. Who said it would be easy? Would I even want that life? I am excited to have challenges, to grow, and to learn as a person, and to grow closer to God. He has stuck with me when I was completely foolish, and His love has never failed me.even when I felt I had no one.He was there.

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My faith has not ever been something that I shout from the mountain tops and into people's faces.its a very personal relationship to me. I grew up really religious, and some of it was very good, but I also saw a lot of hate and a ton of judgement, and that is not how I wanted to be as a person. That is also not what God wants for me either. I want to make more time to show God's love in my life and to talk about itits a scary thing to open up that part of you. Its something that either people love or hate, and it can bring some very unwelcome opinions. I am not preachy, and I never will be, so you won't see that side of things here. I simply want to make more time for God in my life by attending church more regularly with my family, reading more of my Bible, praying and reflecting on what He has in store for me.and giving back. I know that this may seem small to some of you, but to me, doing this will spark some very BIG things, and I am excited to fill my life with more of what I am lead to do.its been such a lovely journey so far and I just know that it's only going to get better.

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Posted in Churches/Faith/Religion Post Date 03/31/2017