About to do something we've never done before...

We are under 2 days to "take off" and we are filled with excited energy and a little nervousness as we go though our final preparations for this awesome task! So much to do in this last hours that couldn't be done ahead of time that it seems there isn't enough hours in the day. On the other hand, time seems to stretch unendureablely long as we wait for the hour of our departure.

For myself, I have had trouble sleeping and have started to become absentminded not a good thing when you are preparing for a major undertaking for a first-time trip overseas! Erick tells me as long as I have my passport then all else can be overcome, but of course, I don't feel quite that way.

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Since I'm not sleeping well anyway, I am attempting to start shifting my sleep pattern over to Taiwan time, which is 11 hours (and a different day) ahead of us. Since it normally takes me 2 weeks to get adjusted to the simple day-light savings switch, I have major concerns about this. Last night was my first major move and I do feel much better, however, I'm technically on 11:48pm time right now and I don't feel tired, that could be an issuewe'll see how it goes.

Please keep those prayers coming for us, we are about ready to dive into a major effort into evangelism and 2 of the 5 our time have never done this before. The only place I've been outside of the US is Germany, so I'm excited, but a little nervous. Margaret has only been to Japan before, so she's done this, but since it's a new environment, it's a little nerve-racking for her. Lady A has been to many foreign country's but never as a missionary, Erich has been to Taiwan and as a missionary, but it has been over 15 years, and his son Jaston was also there but as a small child and he has just finished his missionary training and only had a few weeks of mission experience. We are all excited and looking forward with great enthusiasm to this trip, but please continue to pray for our safe travels, that we have not negative happenings, and that the work is blessed.

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