This week was a good week.

This week was a good week.Sad to hear about my team, but we always have next year, right?

So this weekend was stake conference. One of the members of the Area Presidency came to our stake.super awesome!

Yesterday, President Monteiro came to our stake conference, and after, my companion and I we're blessed to have two baptisms. The baptism was so awesome. After the baptism, Jean, said to me, "Today, my soul is happy." So awesome to see the change that happens. Their names are Jean and Guesley. We found them knocking doors, and they are absolutely perfect.

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As I was thinking about the work that is being done here, I was really confused on how we are having success. Normally in one week, we teach about 24-26 lessons, but in this area, I am teaching 6-8 lessons in one week, yet we are being blessed with people in church, and baptisms.

The Baptismal service was awesome. I invited the Assistants and President, and his wife to stay after to watch the baptism. They stayed and the spirit was super strong. I feel that president is finally starting to gain confidence in me, which is always a good thing. This week, will be a new week of finding new people, and bringing new people to church.

I love my Bishop, he is so awesome. He speaks, and reads English, so feel free to write him. He isn't FLUENT, but he does okay. His wife, on the other hand speaks perfect English. We had lunch with them yesterdayI feel so much love for the members of this ward. So happy to be here.

This transfer is passing so fast. I have two more weeks, and transfers will already be here. I found out today that I will return to Piriquara to baptize Carlos and Silvia at the end of this transfer! Right around my birthday, best birthday present ever!!!

Anyway, love the mission, love the things that I am learning and the person I am becoming!

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Posted in Churches/Faith/Religion Post Date 01/31/2017