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If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again! Its an old saying that was written by T. H. Palmer, someone who had surely failed. Often, we define ourselves by our failures. We look back at the dreams we had and feel empty and unsuccessful if they didn't become reality.

We are not alone with our failures! Almost every biblical hero in the Bible failed God in some way or other. But would they have become biblical heroes had they quit trusting Him the first time they did not succeed?

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Moses was a reluctant hero. But once he began the task the Lord set for him, he kept trying despite Pharaohs refusal to listen. When the Lord gave Moses the instructions for freeing Gods people from slavery, Moses and Aaron did just just as the Lord commanded. Exodus 7:10 At the time Moses was eighty years old and Aaron was eighty-three!

The lesson of success is not to concentrate on what we failed to do, but to concentrate on the one who is giving the instructions. Even though he failed to turn Pharaohs heart many times, Moses returned to Pharaoh again and again because God was leading and Moses trusted Him.

Its never to late to trust the Lord. And it's never to late to try again.


It is hard to think of success in the midst of what we consider a failure. Looking back, has there been a time where a failure turned into a success because you tried again? How has this refined your definition of success?

Is there something the Lord is asking you to do that you feel you cannot finish with success? What next step do you need to take to trust the Lord and follow His command?

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