The American Presbyterian Church holds to the Presbyterian form of church government, being convinced that this is that form of ecclesiastical government that is according to the mind of Christ, the only and sovereign Head of the Church, and is that which is taught in Holy Scripture.

The system of church government adhered to by the American Presbyterian Church can be examined by studying our Form of Government and Book of Discipline, which are available on this site. These documents are complete with scripture proofs to give to the reader the authority by which we practice these things. Although every detail cannot be independently established from Scripture, yet as we are to do all things “decently and in order” and as God is “not the author of confusion” certain administrative details can be established on such general Scriptural principles.

In contrast with the rampant feminism of our age the American Presbyterian Church practices congregational voting by heads of families. Only women who are heads of households, such as Lydia (see Acts 16) are permitted to vote.

For a full book-length Scriptural exposition of the basic principles of a Presbyterian church order see Thomas Witherow’s, The Apostolic Church.

Concerning the Inisible and Visible Church