Faith is not determined by whether God heals or gives us things

-Faith is not determined by whether God heals or gives us things or provides miracles. It's based on His Word knowing that He's there with us despite the stores of our lives. How our life goes is dependent on how closely we are walking and being led by the Spirit and not our own desires.

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-It is in being different from the world that we make a difference. The world's principles are opposite to God's Kingdom principles.

-Each lie opens the door for more and the further down the path of sin the more difficult it is to admit your wrong and the more difficult is will be to cover it up. Prevention is the key!

-God doesn't lead us in a path to being self-centered but instead to being selfless.

-We build in our lives today what we want to be in our lives tomorrow.

-Sometimes God calms the storm, sometimes God let's the storm rage to calm the servant.

-It's not about how much of Gods word you memorize but how much you apply to your life and knowing when it is relevant

-You can be connected to the vine of life but it's up to you how mature the fruits of the Holy Spirit become in your life. Aim for a sweet ripe fruit that is appealing to a world that is full of rottenness.

-Your daily choices will determine whether you draw closer to God or closer to the world. To be friends with the world is to be at enmity with God.

-There are lulls in between sets of waves similar to times in our life. If you're in a lull, be still, wait upon the Lord while seeking Him for direction and timing. Be prepared for when the set of waves come.

-Your life is determined by how you manage your choices. Choose your thoughts, for they become words. Choose your words for they become actions. Choose your actions for they become habits. Choose your habits for they become your character. Choose your character for it becomes your destiny.

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