Rev. John W. Morrow



Rev. Morrow was born in Baltimore, Maryland on July 18,1925. He served in the United States Navy during the Second World War from 1942 to 1946, seeing active combat duty with the Third Fleet in the Pacific theatre of war from 1944-1945. During the 1950’s he established his own business as a home improvement contractor.


Rev. Morrow was raised in the Lutheran Church and experienced his conversion to Christ in 1957 in a fundamentalist Baptist Church. In 1963 he joined the Bible Presbyterian Church affiliating with the Cub Hill Bible Presbyterian Church in Baltimore. In 1966 after one year at Baltimore School of the Bible he answered the call to serve on the foreign mission field. He served from 1966 till 1974 as a missionary in Kenya, Africa with the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions, a mission agency affiliated with the Bible Presbyterian Church. During this time his home church ordained him as a missionary in 1970. In 1974 he returned from the mission field and enrolled again at Baltimore School of the Bible. He completed the final two years of a three year course of study and graduated with a diploma in Bible in 1976. During that time in 1975 he founded, as Faith Bible Presbyterian Church, what is now the Westminster American Presbyterian Church in Finksburg, Maryland. He served as stated supply, preaching as a licentiate, as he continued his theological education.


Rev. Morrow intended to attend Faith Theological Seminary starting in the fall of 1976. However the dismissal of Dr. Butler from the faculty curtailed his plans. Instead he enrolled at Reformation Seminary, Philadelphia Pennsylvania (See history of the American Presbyterian Church). He graduated from Reformation Seminary in 1979 and was ordained in the Finksburg Church as a teaching elder in the American Presbyterian Church. He continues to serve faithfully as pastor of the church until the present although he is well on in years.  Rev. Morrow is a widower, his devoted wife LaRue D. Morrow preceding him to glory in October of 1985. Due to serious and persistent health concerns, including Parkinson’s disease,  Pastor Morrow’s pastoral activities have been significantly restricted over the last few years.